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Jewellers Manchester

Below is a directory about Jewellers Manchester. Please view the following companies to find a suitable Jewellers company in Manchester region.

Preferred Supplier
Ernest Jones
[ Jewellers ]
From modest beginnings in 1949, Ernest Jones has grown from a single store in London's Oxford Street to the a highly reputable national chain of over 190 jewellery stores - bringing to suburban and provincial locations the quality, range, presentation and high standard of customer service once only available in London's West End.
Preferred Supplier
[ Jewellers ]
It was back in 1910 when the three Adlestone brothers, Isaac, Maurice and Harry took to the streets with no more than a suitcase full of silverware, loads of ambition and full of enthusiasm. I don't know if this actually qualified as a business although I’m sure the opening of their first store in Belfast during 1919 certainly did. At Beaverbrooks, we believe it’s about how we spend our time in life, the memories we create of fun & laughter, of shared successes, of overcoming challenges and of caring for others. It is about learning new skills, challenging ourselves to do more, and making those dreams happen. It’s these things that enrich us.
Preferred Supplier
F. Hinds
[ Jewellers ]
Perhaps you have noticed F Hinds on one of many high streets and in shopping centres across England and Wales - and I hope we have had the pleasure of serving you in one or more of our 100+ branches. Established in 1856, our independent, family owned and run business celebrated 150 years in 2006. We offer an extensive selection of diamonds, gold and silver jewellery, watches, clocks, collectibles and giftware and we're told we have an enviable reputation for friendly and professional customer service.
Preferred Supplier
[ Jewellers ]
We have designed this site to be easy to use for the new internet shopper, the experienced web surfer, and the quick shopper who knows exactly what he or she wants. Simply browse through our collections or search for a specific type of jewellery or watch until you see something you like.
Preferred Supplier
Fraser Hart
[ Jewellers ]
Fraser Hart is the UK’s leading independent jewellery retailer with a network of 35 shops in many of the major commercial centres across the UK. Our vision is To Be at the Heart of Every Celebration. Our unique culture is fundamental to our success. Our culture springs from our values and our values guide us to our success.
Preferred Supplier
HPJ Jewellers
[ Jewellers ]
HPJ Jewellers and Jewel Nation…The UK's Discount Jewellers! Established in 1980, (trading as Half Price Jewellers). And operating over 50 stores nationwide. We offer stunning 9ct gold & sterling silver jewellery as well as quality branded watches at unbeatable value. From the stunning diamond engagement ring she can’t resist, to gorgeous silver earrings for a big night out we have it all…at a guaranteed low price! See our full range of quality diamonds, earrings, pendants, bracelets and watches by top brands such as Accurist, Sekonda, Pulsar, Lorus, Bench and Croton!
Preferred Supplier
[ Jewellers ]
My father, Bill Ferris, opened the first SWAG shop in Kingston in 1974. His ambition was to present the most beautiful, quality jewellery in a way that was colourful and artistic. I’ve taken over the reins now, but 36 years later this is what I still strive for. Dad Bill is still interfering, but his advice and creative input are invaluable. My younger brother Tom runs our new Pandora stores in Chester, Milton Keynes, Reading, Windsor, Southampton, Cardiff, Kingston, Bromley, Brent Cross, Oxford, Basingstoke, Bristol Cribbs Causeway (and soon to be in Watford and Croydon). Mim, my wife, works with our buying team (around being a mum) and has a real flair for choosing jewellery. Chris, my cousin, runs our website. It's a hands-on family business, even though we have 6 Swag shops and nearly 14 Pandora shops now (and 350 employees!).
Preferred Supplier
Hatton Garden
[ Jewellers ]
Hatton Garden London's Jewellery Quarter and UK Diamond Centre. The area around Hatton Garden, has been the centre of London’s jewellery trade since way back in the mists of medieval time. History tells us that the old City of London had certain streets, or quarters, dedicated to specific types of business, and the area around Hatton Garden has since developed its international reputation as one of the world’s finest and renowned centre for jewellers and jewellery.
0845 055 1974
Preferred Supplier
The Jewellery Quarter
[ Jewellers ]
The size and weight of diamonds is measured in carets. Large diamonds are more valuable and desirable because they are rare - and because the cut, colour and brilliance of diamonds are most evident in larger stones. As less than 1 in 20 diamonds are one caret or more, you will perhaps hear of their size being referred to as so many 'points'. One caret = 100 points. So a 10 point diamond is a tenth of a caret. The value of a diamond will not solely be determined by its size and weight. Other factors will be adjudged, such as the clarity, cut and colour of the stone.
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